Get Involved!

The right to abortion is a life or death issue:  more mothers and newborns die during pregnancy, at birth, or after birth in states that ban or restrict abortions than in states preserving access.


Get the word out that safe and effective pills are available to everyone!  


  • The best site for finding detailed state-by-state information about ordering abortion pills is Plan C  (that’s probably how you found Las Libres). To help others find Plan C, download or order stickers and mini-flyers from their website.  If you order from their website, they ask for a donation, but they emphasize that payment is not required.   
  • If you’re a student, get information about getting the word out on campus about Plan C and about self-managed abortion here.


You can volunteer with groups that support reproductive justice.  The following are committed to the rights of BIPOC:


The National Network of Abortion Funds ( lists funds that need different kinds of support (financial, logistical, and options for working directly with abortion seekers).  Insert your state in the search bar to find opportunities.  


Check with your local Planned Parenthood for information on volunteer options in your town or state:


Finally – VOTE!!!!  If you’re not registered, go to for info on how to register in your state.