About Us

Las Libres A.C. is a feminist organization founded in 2000 in Guanajuato, Mexico, to defend and promote women’s rights. Today, we also support women in the United States who lost their right to choose when Roe v Wade was reversed in June 2022.  


Our goals

  • To eliminate gender stereotypes and ensure that women are recognized as equals in Mexico
  • To combat violence against women and to support women who experience it
  • To provide sexual and reproductive health education
  • To support women seeking abortions and control of their own bodies: this now includes those who contact us from the United States

Our accomplishments

In 2006 our founder and executive director Verónica Cruz Sánchez became the first Mexican activist to receive the Defender of Human Rights award from Human Rights Watch.  


In 2010 Las Libres secured the freedom of nine women imprisoned in Guanajuato for late-term miscarriages. In the years that followed, we mounted legal defenses that freed more than 100 women across Mexico, with three cases going to the Mexican Supreme Court.  


In September 2021, Las Libres celebrated a landmark victory when the Supreme Court of Mexico unanimously declared it unconstitutional to criminalize abortion. We continue to work hard to ensure that the law is put into practice in Mexico.


In December 2022, our efforts to help Americans seeking abortions were recognized when the Planned Parenthood Federation of America presented Las Libres with its Invincible Award for Courage.  


In March 2023, Time Magazine named Verónica Cruz Sánchez one of 12 Women of the Year in the fight to build a more equal world. Her photo appeared on the cover with this caption: “This Mexican activist is helping Americans defy abortion bans.”

The future

While we continue to promote equal rights for Mexican women, we are expanding our capacity to support reproductive freedom in the United States.  We have enlisted volunteers from the English-speaking community in Mexico; we receive financial and logistical support from people all over the United States who have embraced our mission on behalf of the right to choose abortion; and we are in touch with an international network of people committed to winning the war against women.

Las Libres in the press

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